2017 — 2019

Dora is the largest shelter for stray dogs in Russian city Voronezh. It is run by its owner Yuri Shamarin and few volunteers. Every day there are new dogs — puppies found in a box on the streets of the city, purebred dogs abandoned by their owners, disabled stray dogs or dogs hit by cars. 

There are about 700 dogs in the shelter. Most of them live in shared open doghouses, some are held in closed cages and the dogs unable to live outside in the cold share a warm garage. The working day starts at 7 am and ends at 22 pm. It is like a grounhog day. Clean the territory, feed and treat the dogs, check everything, take calls, fix the equipment, accomadate the newcomers, take ill dogs to the vet, feed them and clean again. cOnce a week bones are brought from the meat factory. It's is like a gastronomic feast for dogs. However not every dog is brave enough to take part in the crazy battle for this special treat. The leftovers have been taken out of the shelter grounds for a long time. A huge mountain of waste and bones has accumulated there.

Many dogs feel quite comfortable in the shelter, but there are also those that are afraid to leave their cages. The dogs which used to be kept as pets are especially careful and wary. Very few dogs find new owners and leave the shelter.